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Advertising on the Internet has several advantages, unlike conventional advertising: the possibility to monitor the reaction and actions of Internet user, the advertiser can quickly make changes to the advertising campaign. But the most grandiose event in the global advertising business turned around still in the 20th century. Exist-open mailing list (for everyone), private (for people of a certain range), free (existing due to the enthusiasm of the creators, sponsorship, paid advertisers), paid.




November 2015

That is, the final decision on whether the methods of promoting legitimate or not, takes a specialist — moderator of the search engine, not a program.


March 2016

The task of the copywriter is to write the original text so that such optimization was less visible as possible "live" to the reader (and in particular the assessor search engines).


June 2016

With the advent of technology PageRank more weight was given to external factors that helped Google to become the leader of the search on a global scale, making optimization using one of the text on the website.